Renew My Registration

This page allows you to renew registration for:

  • Mobilehomes
  • Manufactured homes
  • Commercial modulars

Before you begin, you must have:

  1. Already notified HCD if you've changed:

    • Your mailing address, OR
    • The physical address (location) of the home/commercial modular.

    To notify HCD of address changes, please submit your renewal via regular mail to HCD, P.O. Box 26060, Sacramento, CA 95826-0060.

  2. A valid VISA or Mastercard credit card and billing information    Support for Mastercard payments     Support for Visa payments

  3. The decal number for your mobilehome, manufactured home, or commercial modular.
    Sample Decal
    Sample decal (tax type at top left, decal number at bottom)

Where to find your decal on your home:

Decal on unit\'s outside wall, bottom right corner

Begin registration renewal:

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